“Success in the courtroom is our passion. Whether representing an individual or a business entity, we utilize the best resources to ensure that your interests are represented to the court with the highest degree of professionalism.”   ~Attorney Diana Lynch

What experience do we have in representing families in Court?
Divorce is always complicated, but the legal, financial and emotional issues can be even more complicated when significant income and assets are involved. Over the past 25 years, our domestic litigation practice at The Lynch Law Group has represented business leaders, professionals and individuals of independent means in divorce proceedings. In addition, we offer a special focus on the unique circumstances of sports and entertainment figures.


What experience do you have in Litigating Divorces?
Dissolution of marriage cases often result in a negotiated or mediated settlement. The Lynch Law Group has successfully negotiated hundreds of out-of- court settlements. However, when litigation is the only resort, Lynch Law Group with over 25 years of litigation experience has the expertise to bring the firm’s substantial litigation background to provide robust representation in court.

What is a Prenuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreement?
Another important component of the domestic practice is pre-nuptial agreements, or as they are known under Georgia law, marital agreements. These protections are designed for individuals with current or future expectations of significant income and assets or unusual circumstances. These agreements are important when one spouse brings greater assets to a marriage, when individuals marry later in life, and when the marriage involves children from a previous marriage. A well-written pre-nuptial agreement helps to resolve in advance many of the issues that may arise in a divorce settlement.

The Lynch Law Group also handles post-nuptial agreements, which are negotiated after a marriage has taken place. Post-nuptial agreements usually involve a change in circumstances, such as an inheritance or the launch of a new businesses or employment contract relationship.

What If I am a Top Executive, CEO, Athlete or Entertainer?
Lynch Law Group offers specialized legal services to high end entertainment, sports and business executives. We understand that with high- profile clients, their needs and representation must be customized to provide for unique circumstances. For example, time is not always a luxury one might have to spend on tedious litigation. Hence, our goal is to provide thorough and effective representation to busy clients. We tailor a litigation strategy directly for individual needs; and whether it is divorce, child support or custody issues, we are prepared to protect your rights and willing to stake our reputation and our brand name on getting the results you need.

When prominent parties are involved in a divorce, the greater the public and media interest in the details – and the greater the need for discretion on the part of your lawyer. Discretion guides every step we take.

Our firm has developed an excellent reputation in the specific area of handling domestic relations matters for popular entertainment and sports figures. We have been involved in numerous cases representing world-renowned members of the entertainment and sports communities in divorce, child support and custody matters. Having served this niche for over 25 years, we have developed an expertise in handling such cases aggressively and discretely.

We are experienced in the evaluation of complex executive compensation packages as well as the value of sports and entertainment contracts. These assets are as varied as the clients who own them and can include businesses, professional firms, investment accounts, retirement accounts, trusts, real estate, and other personal property. Accurate identification and valuation of these assets involves knowledge not only of divorce law, but also sometimes entertainment, sports management, tax, securities, executive compensation and real estate law.